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Sell commercial real estate without a realtor. Get the most for your commercial real estate from the fastest property buyer in texas. If you have commercial property for sale, we buy all types of commercial real estate! We buy for sale by owner property. Sell your property for cash to a no nonsense commercial real estate buyer. There are no need for real estate commissions, or paying broker commissions or fees. We buy property without lengthy closings. We buy every type of commercial real estate, sell your RV/ mobile home park, apartment complex, storage unit, commercial land, office building, retail or strip centers, medical buildings, industrial, multifamily, and we even buy businesses. We don’t need loans to buy your commercial real estate, so there are no commercial real estate appraisals, or commercial surveys.

Five Reasons to Trust Commercial Real Estate Star

We close much more quickly than other commercial property buyers!

Our transactions take on average 4 weeks to close your commercial real estate transaction. We move fast and get started right away. Because we don’t charge realtor commissions, there are no back and forth conversations that happen when commercial real estate brokers help people buy and sell property. From day one, we help our sellers sell commercial real estate the quick and easy way. We have a dedicated phone number for any questions during this quick process. Usually, after the agreements are signed, we visit the commercial property and do a simple walkthrough. We are cash buyers and don’t require the complicated and lengthy inspections that banks make commercial real estate buyers get. When you sell commercial real estate to us without a realtor, you can close quickly. Most cases, we don’t require commercial surveys to close.

We don’t do price reductions!

Many negotiation tactics commercial real estate buyers use is to use price reductions. They offer a high price up front, and then they do inspections and really try to find as much wrong with the property as possible. First they do general inspections, but then they do commercial roof inspections, then they do foundation inspections and can even do plumbing inspections too. Oftentimes commercial buyers do phase 1 inspections and phase 2 inspections. They then do surveys. All these inspections are designed to make sure the buyer doesn’t have any surprises at closing, but they always give you (the seller) a surprise in the form of a price reduction while selling real estate. The buyer adds up all the things that may be wrong with your property and asks for a cash discount at the closing table. Sometimes these concessions can be as much as fifty thousand or even a hundred thousand dollars if there are a bunch of small things that are wrong with your commercial property that the buyer ads up. Commercial Real estate star is better than loopnet because we don’t give price reductions. Our offers are what you will sign at the closing table. Other commercial buyers will always offer you less than what you signed for initially. Commercial real estate star, closes on the commercial property at the price agreed upon, so you can retire comfortably when selling commercial real estate.

Our offers are competitive and flexible

Many sellers when they have a commercial building for sale or are listing commercial real estate have paid off commercial real estate. Some sellers have loans on their commercial properties, and have even thought about commercial property refinancing before selling. Our offers are cash offers designed to be extremely competitive for the sale of commercial property. We often are the highest bidder for sellers who sell rv parks and sellers selling apartment complexes. We are also very competitive for sellers who sell commercial properties of all types. We don’t have price limitations like other buyers. We can buy most commercial properties of all price ranges. Some people joke and say we are some of the best property buyers they have, like we are running a simple rv park store. Although most sellers prefer to sell commercial properties for cash, some sellers want a cash down payment and to be paid in payments to avoid tax consequences of a large commercial property sale. Whatever your goals are, communicate that with us and we can design a commercial property sales plan around you.

No commercial real estate commissions

Sellers often calculate real estate commissions, or calculate realtor commissions and see that they are very high. On a simple two million dollar real estate transaction, realtor commissions are $120,000 plus title fees and other fees. Sellers engaged in commercial real estate sales are often very savvy and pay close attention to their bottom line. Since sellers pay real estate commissions to brokers and agents, sellers actually pay for the opposing buyers agent to bring the buyer. Our sellers don’t like paying commissions to someone who actually is trying to get the property as cheap as possible for the buyer. We think it is like going to trial and paying for the opposing attorney!! Our small family team at Commercial Real Estate Star have been buying commercial property like warehouses, and strip centers for years and let sellers sell property without paying commission. Because we close property faster than other buyers and do not give price reductions, our offers are very high compared with commercial real estate agents, who sometimes can be time wasters. At commercial real estate star closings, we will let you sell commercial real estate without any commissions or fees, which means a big savings for selling property top dollar.

No high pressure negotiations

Many times, commercial real estate agents will put pressure on their clients to take lower offers so they can get commission on the sale. Since we own and manage commercial real estate, we know how long it takes to find a commercial real estate contractor, or how time consuming it is to do commercial real estate property management. We know you may have inherited commercial property from a family member that worked for years to ensure you had enough income for retirement, or that you spent years actively working on your commercial property leasing. We want you to get as much for the property as possible, so that you can retire or sell property to clear up all your bills. We will treat you with respect, because property owner to property owner, we understand where you are coming from. Let us help you during this period in your life!

The Commerical Real Estate Star Difference

Commercial real estate star is different than “costar” and other commercial real estate brokers because we close in all major metro areas in Texas without realtor commissions. We allow you to sell commercial property much faster and without the headache. You can sell your property without a realtor to us! That means you can save tens of thousands of dollars on commission, and close your property faster!  We close on all types of commercial properties, sell your trailer park, sell apartment complexes, sell storage units, sell rv parks, sell commercial land to commercial real estate star! We can handle most purchase sizes and can close in under four weeks.

What Cities do we buy commercial property in?

We buy North Texas Commercial Real Estate

We buy South Texas Commercial Real Estate

We buy East Texas Commercial Real Estate

We buy West Texas Commercial Real Estate

  • Sell Commercial Property in Amarillo
  • Sell Commerical Property in Lubbock
  • Sell Commercial Property in Abilene
  • Sell Commercial Property in Childress
  • Sell Commercial Property in San Angelo
  • Sell Commercial Property in Odessa
  • Sell Commercial Property in El Paso

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When selling commercial property, you can sell your rv park, or you can sell your apartment complex quick and for a good price without realtor commissions. We will close on average in half the time a buyer will take if you were listing commercial real estate. Don’t look for a local real estate broker, or a local real estate agent. You have found your local real estate commercial buyer. We pay top dollar for commercial real estate without the headaches. Contact us today for a offer!